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Flower Remembrance Program

Fresh Flower Remembrance Program

A service offering from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

What is the Fresh Flower Remembrance Program?

What is the Fresh Flower Remembrance Program?

Each week our staff will place a new bouquet of the season’s finest blooms in your loved one’s floral vase. Our floral supplier delivers fresh flowers weekly and each bouquet is hand-arranged. Plastic vases can be supplied for $5.00 each if a bronze one is not available.

The process is simple:

  • 10 Stem bouquet
  • Call in and get on are mailing list .
  • We do the rest!

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Bouquet Choices

Bouquet Choices

Golden: This 10-stem, hand-tied bouquet features mostly monochromatic colors including white, yellow, purple and blue throughout the season.

Memorial: Our 15-stem bouquet brings together an elegant assortment of blooms, with more stems and a more vibrant color assortment.

Bountiful: Our largest, 20-stem bouquet overflows the vase with color, fragrance and a wide variety of flowers.

  • Each bouquet is harvested and designed for our families using only the freshest seasonal flowers.
  • Designs change weekly.
  • Freshness and service are guaranteed.
  • Designs are inspired by the seasons and holiday themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the flowers fresh, plastic or dried?The flowers in this program are 100% fresh, delivered weekly from our flower supplier.
  • What services does the Fresh Flower Remembrance Program include?Our service includes filling your vase up fresh water and floral preservative, and cutting the flowers properly so the blooms stay beautiful as long as possible. We do this for each new bouquet.
  • How long do the flowers last?Depending on the weather, each flower in the bouquet will perform a little differently. Generally, bouquets last up to a week.
  • Is this service provided automatically, or do we have to order each week?Once you order, we do the rest. There is no need to call back.
  • When does the Fresh Flower Remembrance Program end?The program runs 15 weeks, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.